• Towels and bathrooms accessories

  • Top view of the Beehive soap dispenser in sterling silver. Picture shows hexagons patter details on top and bottom and detailed gold bee on top of it.

    Beehive Soap Dispenser Silver

  • Maltese Bus Towel

  • Top view of Apple soap dispenser in silver sterling. It is part of Ivar London bathroom accessories, entirely handmade in England

    Apple Soap Dispenser Silver

  • Top view of the Honeycomb soap dispenser showing hexagons detail with two gold bees and Ivar London logo incision. By Ivar London in collaboration with famous silversmith Martin Baker

    Honey Comb Soap Dispenser Silver

  • Front view of the warrior sterling silver including its round base and its vertical stand. The warrior soap dispenser is a combination of two silver pieces designed by Ndidi Ekubia for Ivar London interior design

    Warrior Soap Dispenser Silver

  • Top view of Abstraction silver soap dispenser showing soap container base, top lid and black plastic soap pipe. Part of Ivar London luxury bathroom accessories collection

    Pinkerton Soap Dispenser Silver

  • The Ladle soap dispenser front view composed by base, two side lids and soap container by Ivar London interior design

    Ladle Soap Dispenser Silver

  • The Ivar tub Silver Soap Dispenser that is handmade in England and modelled on the ice cream tub. It is part of Ivar London interior design's bathroom accessories.

    Tub Soap Dispenser Silver

  • The picture shows a front view of the Milkshake silver soap dispenser showing its reflecting finish.

    Milkshake Soap Dispenser Silver