Ivar London

Furniture & Accessories

From concept to completion, we turn ideas into high quality reality.

  • Ivar Bathrobe White Cotton

    Bath Robe

  • Ivar Monaco Accessory Box Blue

    Monaco accessory box

  • Ivar Silverstone Accassory Box Red

    Silverstone accessory box

  • Ivar AbuDhabi Accessory Box Black

    Abu Dhabi Accessory Box

  • Ivar Monza Accessory Box Green

    Monza Accessory Box

  • Ivar Beach Towel Colorful

    Xarabank bath and beach towel

  • Ivar Bath Towel

    Bath towel

  • Ivar Bath Mat

    Bath Mat

  • Ivar Face Cloth

    Face Cloth

  • Ivar Hand Towel

    Hand Towel

  • Ivar Niven Armchair Yellow Alcantara Fabric

    Niven Armchair

  • Ivar Timelines Watch Winder

    Time Lines Watch Winder Grey

  • Ivar David Footstool Grey Alcantara Metal

    David Footstool

  • Ivar Time Lines Watch Winder Red Marquetry

    Time Lines Watch Winder Red

  • Ivar Time Lines Watch Winder Black Luxury

    Time Lines Watch Winder Black

  • Ivar Daniel Sofa Alcantara Fabric Square Modular

    Daniel Sofa

  • Ivar Soap Body Wash Grapefruit

    Bodywash – Grapefruit Wood

  • Ivar Daniel Footstool Pouf

    Jude footstool

  • Ivar Soap Hand Wash Grapefruit

    Handwash – Grapefruit Wood

  • Ivar Hand Cream Grapefruit

    Handcream – Grapefruit

  • Bodywash – Ho Wood

  • Ivar Soap Hand Wash Ho Wood

    Handwash – Ho Wood

  • Ivar Hand Cream Ho Wood

    Handcream – Ho Wood

  • Ivar Soap Body Wash Lime Tree

    Bodywash – Lime Tree

  • Ivar Soap Hand Wash Lime Tree

    Handwash – Lime Tree

  • Ivar Time Lines Watch Winder Blue Marquetry

    Time Lines Watch Winder Blue

  • Ivar Martin Coffee Table Glass

    Martin Coffee Table

  • Ivar Monaco Coffee Table Black Formula1

    Monaco Coffee Table

  • Ivar Hand Cream Lime Tree

    Handcream – Lime Tree

  • Ivar Time Lines Watch Winder Green

    Time Lines Watch Winder Green

  • Ivar Hilditch Coffee table Thin Metal Legs

    Hilditch Coffee Table

  • Ivar Jack Coffee table Marble Oval

    Jack Coffee Table

  • Ivar The Cube Apple Charger Marble

    The Cube apple watch charger

  • Ivar Connery Chest of Drawers Carrara Marble Top

    Connery Chest Of Drawers

  • Ivar Aldous Desk Folded Veneer Thin

    Aldous Desk

  • Ivar Wodehouse Desk Three Drawers

    Wodehouse Desk

  • Ivar Aston Side Cabinet Red Straw Marquetry

    Aston Side Cabinet

  • Ivar Bentley Cabinet Veneering

    Bentley Side Cabinet

  • Star Accessory Box Red

  • Ivar Ian Cabinet Storage Copper

    Ian Cabinet

  • Ivar Watch Jewellery Box Blue Veneer

    Star Accessory Box Blue

  • Craig Shoes Cabinet Copper Orange leather

    Craig Shoes Cabinet

  • Ivar Colin Tv Unit Copper Brick Building

    Colin Tv Unit

  • Star Accessory Box Green

  • Bond TV Unit Ebony Wall Mounted

    Bond Tv Unit

  • Ivar London Will Drinks Cabinet Copper Burr Oak

    Will Drinks Cabinet

  • Hugh Drinks Cabinet Copper Mirror

    Hugh Drinks Cabinet

  • Ivar Accessory Box Grey

    Star Accessory Box Grey

  • Ivar Pelham Console Table Carrara Marble

    Pelham Console Table

  • Alfred Console Table Burr Walnut

    Alfred Console Table

  • Ivar Lines Ebony Jewellery Box Accessories

    Wood Lines Accessory Box Ebony Makassar

  • Ivar Wood Lines Maple Jewellery Box

    Wood Lines Accessory Box Maple

  • Ivar Redmayne Oval Dining Table Carrara Marble

    Redmayne Dining Table

  • Laurie Dining Table Burr Walnut

    Laurie Dining Table

  • Ivar Wood Lines Burr Walnut Jewellery Box

    Wood Lines Accessory Box Burr Walnut

  • Ivar Cator Dining Chair Walnut

    Cator Dining Chair

  • Ivar Geometric Jewellery Box Gold

    Geometric Accessory Box Gold

  • Morgan Book Shelves LED

    Morgan Bookcase

  • Ivar Geometric Watch Box Blue

    Geometric Accessory Box Blue

  • Ivar London V Bookcase

    V Bookcase

  • Ivar Hamilton Bookcase Cabinet

    Hamilton Bookcase

  • Ivar Moore Trunk Bench

    Moore Trunk

  • Geometric Accessory Box Grey

  • Ivar Fred Wardrobe Bookmatch Drawers

    Fred Wardrobe

  • Ivar Geometric Watch Box Red

    Geometric Accessory Light Box Red

  • Ivar Kilgour Wardrobe Legs Doors

    Kilgour Wardrobe

  • Ivar Fiennes Bedside One Leg

    Fiennes Bedside Table