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Ivar Felix Boutique

Ivar Felix Boutique is an hotel franchise opportunity designed to increase your profitability.

This franchise brand is designed to make a statement to consumers and to bring 5 star elements and feel to the affordable end of the hotel market. And this model, designed to enhance consumer perception of the quality and comfort of your hotel, is also designed to be very cost-effective and profitable to you.

Ivar Felix Boutique is a subsidiary of Ivar London.

With Ivar London’s combined 20 years’ experience creating some of the world’s finest homes, we have worked with major hotels, design houses and property developers creating cutting edge contemporary design for hotels, private residences, show homes and luxury yachts. Our personal relationships with media outlets gives us considerable media exposure.

Ivar Collaborations
Ivar London Interior Design Bathroom Black Tiles

why join Ivar Felix boutique as a franchisee?

By joining us, you will enjoy higher room rates and higher occupancy levels. You’ll be more profitable. It’s as simple as that. How? With our combined experience of over 20 years’ in high-end interior design, we understand the ingredients required to create a statement visually, both physically and online. Above all, we understand the importance of creating a story, a narrative, that consumers can buy into and share with their friends. And crucially, we have worked out how to do this in a very affordable way.

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