FT Financial times - How to spend it featuring the Monaco watch box by Ivar

FT How to Spend It Magazine x Ivar

Being a part of the Financial Times for more than 20 years, FT How to Spend It is a multi-award winning magazine and is largely regarded as the benchmark for luxury lifestyle magazines.
Most recently it won the National Colour Supplement of the Year at the 2015 Newspaper Award for the 14th time. The most sought after luxury lifestyle in the UK and around the world, FT How to Spend It can be found on their website, on their free-to- download newly launched app, as well as their print edition.
Fine living, sports, technology, style, as well as fine watches are just a few of the many different sections of publications within this branch of the FT umbrella. The magazine features some of the highest quality products from around the world, advising readers on just “how to spend it”, which describes itself as a collection of “worldly pleasures from the Financial Times”, only featuring the highest calibre of luxury items. In fact, in June 2016 FT: How to spend it chose Ivar’s very own F1  inspired marquetry watch box to be featured on the personal luxuries page.
Image of the top of Ivar's Monaco blue watch box that is handmade in Italy. Check Ivar London interior design watch box collection.
Thank FT, we like it too.
Inspired by the glamour and excitement of the Monaco grand prix, the iconic geometric design of the Monaco watch box is handcrafted in Italy with impeccable detail and only the finest materials. Playing homage to the liveliness that is Formula One—with stunning geometric lines that subtly feature the outline of the Monaco race track, perfect for any F1 enthusiast.
This piece is made with the highest quality lacquered marquetry veneer, Birchwood, brass hinges, and is complete with a multifunctional mood light underneath that illuminates the space around it, creating a soft yet simultaneously bold atmosphere that speaks to Ivar’s signature style. Meaning that this piece not only acts as a box for watches and accessories, but also as a mood light, and more importantly a unique centrepiece to any room.
From the perfectly proportional Gold Section Series of the Ivar watch box collection, the Monaco Watch Box showcases the stunning attention to detail and passion that Ivar puts into each of our product designs. The Gold Section Series also features other designs such as our geometric, star, and natural wood collections.
For more information about this watch box, click here.

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