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How to spend it gift guide featuring the Ivar Time Lines Watch Winders

Screenshot from Financial Times website featuring the Ivar Watch Winder in black

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GQ talks about our One-Day Design Service

Aaron Callow features Ivar One Day Desing Service on GQ in December 2018

Click here for the article.

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Ivar featured in the Financial Times

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Designer’s note: the coffee table

Ivar Design Coffee table dressing

The first coffee tables appear to have been made in Britain during the late Victorian era. Britain was the first country in Europe to specifically design coffee tables. Coffee tables have evolved stylistically ever since, and today you’ll find coffee tables inspired by a whole range of eras and locations, here are a few to […]

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Choosing a great rug or carpet

Ivar London Centrepoint Bedroom Yellow Rug

While successfully decorating your home is never easy, there are some furniture and accessory pieces which play a more important role than others, including rugs and carpets (the latter is a large version of the former). A good rug can add warmth but a really good rug can do much more – what separates the […]

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GQ features Ivar London interiors

GQ’s celebrated interiors editor Aaron Callow writes: With angular frames and artful cabinetry, young British design firm Ivar London has deployed its architectural pedigree to engineer a new penthouse furniture collection. Photograph by Yaalini Ilankumaran

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How to choose a modern drinks cabinet

Ivar London Interior Design Luxury Wine cooler

If you like a tipple in the evening but you’ve found your wine bottles, whisky glasses, spirits, and mixers are taking up too much space on the side table or kitchen counter, it may be time to invest in a drinks cabinet.  Before you make any decision on which modern drinks cabinet to purchase, there […]

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Tedworth interviews Ivar

One of the best view of the Ivar show flat in Centre Point, London

A CONVERSATION WITH… In the first of a new series of conversations with some of the property industry’s leading influencers, we speak to Patrick Dougherty, founder of IVAR London to find out how his business has evolved since inception. Tedworth: Where did the name Ivar come from? The name Ivar has old Viking origins and also […]

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Luxury briefing writes about Ivar

The Daniel Sofa shown in the Ivar show flat in Soho, London

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Experts from Bonhams, Sotheby’s and A Collected Man discuss the world of vintage watches. Including: – What trends will take off in 2018 – The power of Instagram – How brands like Audemars Piguet are embracing the vintage market – The key pieces to watch from Patek Philippe

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Montana Brown interviewed by Notion Magazine

Reality TV means different things to different people. For some its entertainment, for others it’s an integral part of postmodern society, for Montana Brown it was her way into a more established career in TV. Finding fame on Love Island last year, Montana Brown shifted seamlessly into her role as a presenter on MTV News […]

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GQ features Ivar London

Link to full article here.

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Evening Standard – High table: the furniture shop 400ft up

Pity the delivery men who took on this job… London’s highest furniture showroom is to open in Centrepoint – 30 storeys above its rivals in Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road. The £9 million apartment has been turned into a pop-up store and show flat, kitted out with £150,000 worth of luxurious items, while the […]

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Gentlemen's Journal – Sibling rivalry in the first family of British film

Though I doubt either would be particularly thrilled by the comparison, the Fox family and the Royal family have a great deal in common. They’re both sprawling, ancient dynasties with deeply unconventional upbringings; they’re both representative of plucky British defiance against the new world order; and neither of them is going anywhere anytime soon, whether […]

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Purity and purpose video

The London destination for homes & homeware featuring Mark Livermoore.

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Showcase Ivar London apartment at Centre Point

Built in 1966, London’s Centre Point skyscraper is an iconic London landmark offering exceptional views across the capital. Ivar has been commissioned to interior design an apartment at Centre Point, occupying the thirtieth floor. The Ivar residence is inspired directly by the city of London, combining the very best of contemporary luxury and handcrafted tradition. The design […]

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A haven for the modern gentleman

For years we’ve heard guys talk about a “mancave” – a male retreat or sanctuary in the home. But when it comes to interiors, much like fashion and grooming, in recent years, men have become increasingly more sophisticated. They want a stylish city pied-à-terre; somewhere they can entertain and feel at home. Traditionally interior design […]

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Why you should hire an interior designer – the lure of innovative design

Centrepoint Home Improvement Living Room Design

Over the past decade the idea of interior design, and ergo, hiring an interior designer, has become much more of a “norm”. People are design savvy and aware of their surroundings. The sort of stylish furniture that was once the preserve of luxury city interiors stores can now be purchased cheaply online. This, in my […]

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Master and Dynamic – New Era Of Speaker Design

The Ivar journal put its hand to the MA770 Wireless Speaker designed by Sir David Adjaye. Picture shows the front of the speaker. Read more in the article

Master and Dynamic are a New York City-based audio company that has gained global attention for their premium-quality headphones – and rightfully so. Recently, the young audio company has taken a step into new waters by revealing their first premium speaker. Design collaboration with renowned architect Sir David Adjaye, the MA770 Speaker is polished and […]

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Unit London art gallery – shaking up London’s art market

Benedict Browne wrote for the Ivar London Journal an inspiring article about London's Art Market

Without a doubt, London is firmly at the epicentre of the art world. Even though New York arguably might have more fabled permanent collections and Hong Kong’s presence is growing, London is frantically innovative and is stretching the parameters of the modern art market. It’s a fantastic melting pot of creativity and culture and one […]

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How to develop your own interior design style

As an undergraduate studying architecture at Cambridge, I had no real sense of my own personal style. There were people I looked up to: Chipperfield, Heatherwick, Libeskind, but at that age I don’t really think I understood what it was to be a designer. Rather than interpreting those influences into something I could call my […]

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Samsung Family Hub

Starting at £4,500 the Samsung Family Hub is a beautiful addition to your smart home. The Family Hub performs like a high-end fridge and it’s loaded with smart features you won’t find anywhere else. Some features won’t be used as much as others however there are key features which bring real utility, convenience, and luxury […]

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Smart Security: Nest cam IQ

What is the Nest Cam IQ? The Nest Cam IQ is the latest in security camera hardware and the first to use facial recognition technology. With 4k sensors, the Nest Cam IQ can detect movement and capture video footage, and can also inform the homeowner who is in the property and whether it’s a familiar […]

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                  Mood lighting, sophisticated white and cool ivories

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Dysons' Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson 360 Eye has now been featured in the Ivar blog. Great design meets practicality in this great design piece by Dyson

What is the Dyson 360 Eye? More than 10 years after its conception, Dyson believe they have the perfect cleaning mate. While it doesn’t solve all the issues that come with early robot vacuum cleaners, it’s the first model we would recommend. It’s powerful enough to clean well on all surfaces, smart enough to navigate […]

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How the Nest Thermostat works

How much can the Google Nest improve your life? Blog by Ivar London

The new Nest learning thermostat is the third-generation heating control system from Google. What’s so special? The Nest is a thermostat that works like any other. You simply update the settings and the boiler fires up until it reaches your desired temperature. The difference is that the Nest learns your heating patterns, manages the central […]

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Smart speaker: a review of Apple Homepod, Google Home and Amazon Echo

Ivar reviews about Apple Home Pod

In June Apple unveiled the company’s competitor to the Amazon Echo smart speaker. And we’re excited about it. Similar to the Echo and the Google Home, the HomePod is a speaker that is always-listening, plays music, answers questions, manages central heating, locks doors, turns off lights, the list is endless. It’s due out this December in […]

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Where celebrities live

Common together with Kate Mara (House of Cards) x Ivar Journal

Joel Kinnaman (House of Cards), Rosamund Pike (James Bond/ Die Another Day), Common (real name Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr.) and Clive Owen (Sin City) starred in Andrea Di Stefano’s Three Seconds, based on the best-selling Swedish novel by Anders Roslund and Börge Hellström. During his time in London, Common stayed at an Ivar apartment in Kensington. […]

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Zoe Dare Hall of the Telegraph luxury magazine has written about us: Click here for the full article.

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Derived from the French word “coller” meaning “to glue” or “to stick”, collage is a process that is truly dynamic art form that presents limitless methods of expression. Similar processes have been around since the invention of paper in China, though collage as it is seen today is commonly accepted as being made popular during […]

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A tribute to Alfred Hitchcock (with guest appearance by Big Ben). Our Timelines watch winder is handmade and features an innovative magnifying glass. Watch video with sound on!

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Richard Seifert’s Centre Point building – London’s skyscraper that has gained Grade II listed status

A beautiful shot from the street of Centre point, one of the most iconic building in London

A brief history of Centre Point Centre Point was designed by internationally acclaimed Swiss British architect Richard Seifert, who also designed Tower 42 and a host of office buildings and urban regeneration projects. The Royal Institute of British Architects credits Seifert with doing more than any other architect to transform the skylines of British cities […]

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FT How to Spend It Magazine x Ivar

FT Financial times - How to spend it featuring the Monaco watch box by Ivar

Being a part of the Financial Times for more than 20 years, FT How to Spend It is a multi-award winning magazine and is largely regarded as the benchmark for luxury lifestyle magazines. Most recently it won the National Colour Supplement of the Year at the 2015 Newspaper Award for the 14th time. The most sought after luxury […]

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An often overlooked art form, watercolour is having a renaissance. Watercolour is one of the most demanding art forms, as water has a dynamic nature. Unlike oil or acrylic painting, the watercolour will move. Artists must understand and leverage with these movements and react accordingly—like dancing with a partner. Different styles of brushes as well […]

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How to choose a Watch Box

Ivar Time Lines Watch Winder Green

We all know that a good watch is an investment. An elegant and well made timepiece is a considered expense and we expect it to last a long time. However, part of our watches standing the test of time is ensuring that they are properly cared for. Makes sense, right? Now we’ve agreed that taking […]

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When design meets tech. Mood light and charger for the Apple Watch

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The sensational experience of good design

The picture shows the London Millennium Bridge photographed at night.

What is good design? This is the question that was recently discussed by Edwin Heathcote in his article in the Financial Times. Heathcote starts by discussing a couple of sensible definitions of good design that were originally suggested by Dieter Rams. “Good design is as little design as possible” and Heathcote notes that this principle […]

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LIGHT UP YOUR SPACE: A beginner’s guide

Luxurious living space designed by Ivar in a central London apartment featuring Keppel tv unit and Pelham coffee table.

Design is defined by light and shade, and appropriate lighting is enormously important.” – Albert Hadly One of the fundamental rules of interior design is working around light, with the facing of the room commanding the colour and mood you’re working with. When illuminating your interior and creating an ambience, it’s crucial to understand your […]

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Knightsbridge – a village among world class attractions

The picture shows the Victoria and Albert musem internal facade

If you ask people what thoughts spring to mind when they think of Knightsbridge they will probably come up with some of the following: expensive property, fashionable boutiques and other high-end shops. Certainly it is internationally recognized and a hub for the world’s glamorous and beautiful. So it may surprise you to know Knightsbridge was […]

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Uniquely crafted homes that go above and beyond

Night shot of master bedroom in an Ivar designed apartment at Ennismore Gardens, Knightsbridge. There is a handmade wooden desk and side tables and views from the window over London.

Your home is your sanctuary, your haven. It’s more than just a place to sleep and eat. It’s where you spend your precious free time doing the things you love, with those you love. So it needs to be perfect. More than that, it needs to fit your personality, your style and the way you […]

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The Psychology of Colour

Bespoke luxurious red kitchen and ebony macassar veneered doots with beautiful wooden floor and wine cooler designed by Ivar London interior design

Have you ever entered a room and realised that its colours trigger an emotional response? A dark and heavy red colour scheme can ignite energy; a neutral colour scheme can conjure up tranquillity. This is because colours are closely linked to our emotions. Colour psychology is heavily used in branding and marketing to sway you […]

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Luxurious wooden cabinets and doors designed by Ivar in a central London apartment.

Your shelf displays should look beautiful. No matter how stunning your accessories are, if you haven’t found the perfect space to show them off the magic can get lost. This post is about helping you to build the character and personality of your home, so even when your interior designer has left, you can continue […]

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Defining Luxury

Top view of the Beehive soap dispenser in sterling silver. Picture shows hexagons patter details on top and bottom and detailed gold bee on top of it.

In the 17th century, ‘luxury’ meant ‘a habit of indulgence in what is choice or costly’. Luxury was a pejorative, used to describe flagrant displays of wealth and lavishness. Time progressed, and with it, so did our understanding of luxury. Luxury remained the preserve of the wealthy, but it began to shake its connotations of […]

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Luxury meets Tech

Picture shows an Ivar cube with an Apple watch on top. The thin marble cube allows the light emitted by a light bulb inside to emphasize carrara marble texture creating a perfect mood light. Top and bottom lid are instead in ebonized wood.

Last month, luxury Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer announced Connected, its first smartwatch. The exquisite watch was made in collaboration with Intel, runs on an Android operating system and costs £1,100 ($1,500). Tag Heuer isn’t the first high end brand to merge luxury with technology – Hermes launched a branded Apple Smart Watch this year and […]

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Silver: Sterling & Britannia

Sterling Silver design sketches with a tape measure and paper, showing how they are crafted.

Typically, pure silver is too soft a material to work with, so it is usually alloyed with copper for strength. Sterling, a term first used in 13th centuryEngland, contains 92.5% silver.Britannia contains 95.8%. For our pieces, Ivar typically uses Britannia silver, and where possible, even pure silver. We never use silver plate.

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Made in England

Tools used to make fine silverware and furniture that is designed by Ivar London.

We take pride in making some of our furniture in England. We use traditional methods to deliver fine quality collections, as well as to support local artisans.

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Picture shows an Ivar London interior design bathroom, showing precious bookmatched marble slab, allowing veins to follow from walls to floor.

Bookmatching is a technique that involves turning over every other leaf of veneer or stone, like the pages of a book. This creates a visually striking and symmetrical effect, and is a cornerstone of Ivar’s designs.

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British Design

Red double decker Londin bus with Ivar London interior design logo on its side. The British flag appears behind the bus as does the Tower of London bridge.

Britain is an important source of inspiration for Ivar. Our designs are characterised by their mixture of traditional craft and innovative design –a balance that resonates with Britain’s distinctive culture of both tradition and innovation. An appreciation for good quality materials and a sense of understated elegance is at the core of Ivar’s personality.

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Silver Soap dispenser by day

Fine silver used by Ivar's in its silver soap dispensers showing the uniqueness of each item

Fine silver does not tarnish as much as sterling silver, but we still advise wiping off any water from the dispenser to keep it looking as its best. This way the item will remain polished for longer and prevent the formation of difficult stains.

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The Beauty of Symmetry

Picture shows Half Moon living room featuring two pocket doors in butt oak and antique mirror, giving simmetry to the room. One of them is fake. Designed by Ivar London interior design

Human beings find symmetrical faces more attractive than asymmetric ones. There are a couple of explanations for this: it may be due to symmetry’s associations with healthy people, or because symmetric stimuli are easier to process. Whatever the reason, symmetry is a pleasing and elegant element of interior design, and one of our main considerations […]

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Making it through security without the beeps

Front view of the Ennismore console table showing its super skinny walnut leg, precious burr walnut veneer on the front and porto oro marble on top. It is part of the Ivar London interior design furniture collection and it is hand crafted in London.

Ivar’s freestanding furniture pieces are crafted using traditional methods. This means that wherever possible, each piece is constructed without using screws, metal joints or metal drawer sliders. Our customers tend to be very attached to Ivar pieces, and we like the idea that –apart from the silver logo – they could take their iconic pieces […]

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Recognising bespoke veneer

Pelham Crescent South Kensington for sale photo showing ciew of Pelham Crescent kitchen with horizontal walnut design doors and white kitchen top with view towards chevron dark oak floor

Ivar ensures that the grain of a veneer is laid horizontally across doors to create a visually striking effect. Only when veneering is bespoke can a craftsman ensure that the grain lines of the veneer continue seamlessly across doors.

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Ivar cube

Picture shows an Ivar cube with an Apple watch on top. The thin marble cube allows the light emitted by a light bulb inside to emphasize carrara marble texture creating a perfect mood light. Top and bottom lid are instead in ebonized wood.

We love the Apple Watch, but not its bland charger. With this in mind, Ivar has created the Ivar Cube – an elegant, innovative watch box and charger for your Apple Watch. i Crafted from carrara marble and ebonized wood, the Ivar Cube doubles as a mood light, making any space of the house look […]

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Hide and seek

Picture shows fire place in precious gold marble and on its sides two Ennismore book cases designed by Ivar interior design London with burr oak veneering

We believe in multifunctional design and spaces. In this case, we used a remote control sliding mechanism to conceal a TV behind a painting. At the press of a button, you can transform a football game into a relaxing reading afternoon.

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Wood is the new Black

Picture shows low cabinet of Onslow Square in precious burr oak veneer and LED strips light detail designed by Ivar interior design London

If black goes with everything is a fashion truism, the same applies to wood in interior design. The broad variety of wood styles, the singularity of the patterns and the richness of the colours turn it into the perfect material when creating unique spaces with a modern-classic twist.

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Silver and the wet room

Picture shows inside of the Abstraction sterling silver soap dispenser. Top right base container, top left top lid and on the bottom soap pipe with Ivar London incision detail

Bacteria do not grow on silver. For this reason, silver lining is often used to store water – including on yachts and jets. These anti-bacterial qualities make it the perfect material for wet rooms.

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Ivar Aftercare

Ivar silver aftercare logo reflecting the ongoing aftercare promise.

At Ivar we are proud of our products and want to ensure that our customers are happy. Not only at the time of purchase, but also in the years that follow. This is why we offer an aftercare service –so that we can help ensure that every piece and space remains in perfect condition. After […]

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The picture shows a beautiful striato marble stone fireplace designed by Ivar London interior design and handmade in England. The living room also contains Ivar designed wooden bookcases which are handmade.

Given its durability and scratch and heat resistance, stone is both beautiful and practical. Nonetheless, it can crack and stain, so avoid heat and use coasters under glasses to prevent rings from forming. Also avoid contact with lemon, vinegar or any acid or alkaline product.

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Portoro Marble

Luxurious portoro marble with yellow and green veins.

Close to La Spezia in Italy, there is highly valuable marbl. Portoro marble is sought after for the contrast of its black colour and golden veins. With most known deposits located in a natural reserve, its production is restricted, cultivating its image of being a highly desirable and exclusive material. It is said it became […]

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Behind the scenes: Veneering

Pictures shows Pelham Crescent kitchen featuring walnut horizontal veneering and charcoal spray painted cabinet doors and a Liebherr wine cooler integrated. It is designed by Ivar London interior design

Veneering is a decorative effect achieved using thin layers of wood. At Ivar, we use book-matched veneers in our pieces to create striking and distinctive effects.

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Stress is not always bad

Iconic Ivar London designed burr oak bookcase with inbuilt lighting.

When a tree suffers from a stress-like injury it grows a burl. It’s from these burls that the burr wood is extracted. Burr is highly sought after by furniture craftsmen around the world due to its beauty and intricate patterns. At Ivar we like to use it as a way of embellishing our designs: clean […]

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No knots

Picture shows beautiful handcrafted entrance hall wooden floor designed by Ivar London interior design in Knightsbridge apartment.

Knots are imperfections in timber caused by the appearance of a branch or a bud. Apart from affecting the appearance of the wood grain, knots weaken timber. In an Ivar apartment floor you will not see a single knot, as we use only the finest wood batons.

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Photograph of a large oak tree.

The oak tree is an iconic tree of Britain. Oak is appreciated for its hardness and attractive grain – making it ideal for flooring. Since the Middle Ages, it’s been used for the interior panelling of prestigious buildings, including the debating chamber of the House of Commons in London. Ivar uses prime oak for panelling […]

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Sanding and polishing wood floors

Luxurious and handcrafted wooden floor designed by Ivar in one of its central London apartments.

We sand, stain and varnish our floors on site, using the sawdust generated to fill any gaps between the batons. The result is a truly flawless finish.

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The History of Veneering

Image showing Egyptians using veneering.

Dating back to the ancient Egyptians, veneering is an ancient art. The Egyptians used veneers in their furniture and sarcophagi. In Tutankhamen’s tomb, some pieces of furniture using veneer were found, showing that although the woodworking techniques of that time were still very rudimentary, the inner beauty of wood was already sought after. Nowadays, and […]

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Made to order

Photograph of Ivar's glass Pelham Coffee table with sterling silver and solid walnut and ebony macassar.

None of our furniture or collections are mass produced. A typical item is made to order, mostly by hand, and using artisanal methods. The process is highly personal, which is why we stamp the customer’s initials on each piece of furniture we craft, together with the craftsman’s initials and the year of creation. A veritable […]

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Silver: A short (and ancient) history

Old silver coin with an image of an owl.

Silver is the lightest coloured precious metal. There is uncertainty,, but it seems that silver was first mined around 3000 B.C. in Anatolia (modern day Turkey), and was already regarded as a precious resource in the civilizations that flourished in the Near East, Crete, and Greece. Since then, silver manufacturing has been used in creating […]

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John Lobb

Ivar London interior design handcrafted wooden storage container containing two pairs of John Lobb shoes and shoe boxes.

In business for almost 150 years, John Lobb is London style icon. Based in St James, the Lobb family business is the proud holder of two royal warrants, and has made shoes for Queen Victoria, Frank Sinatra and Jackie Kennedy. With its unwavering commitment to a fully bespoke approach to shoe making. wee greatly admire […]

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Walnut veneer with a high quality shine and lacquer wax finish used by Ivar London interior desgn in its handmade furniture collection.

Walnuts are the oldest tree food known to man, dating back to 7000 B.C. Early history indicates that walnut trees came to England from ancient Persia, where they were reserved for royalty. Now, this slow growing tree is highly sought after both for its nuts and attractive timber. Because of its colour, hardness and grain […]

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Crystal Clear

Bathroom designed by Ivar London interior design at Ennismore Gardens, London with luxurious marble bookmatched tiles and large walk in shower.

We hate to think that anything is impossible. In the design of this shower room, the focal point is the double book-matched marble wall. Naturally, we did not want to break this focal point by framing the shower glass. Our solution was to cut the glass directly into the floor and ceiling to achieve an […]

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