Modern Kitchens

  • Complete Kitchen From £37,500 + VAT

Our bespoke kitchens are designed to be used. A lot. Our approach to each high quality kitchen that we produce is to combine clean lines with thoughtful detail in a way that works with the practicalities of ensuring that the kitchen is also properly functional and user-friendly. Every kitchen we produce is designed with a bespoke feel and a personal touch that reflects the intricacies of the room into which it will be installed.
Enjoy a few of our many kitchen designs below and reach out to us to discuss how we can help you create your Ivar kitchen.

Our team is highly experienced in using bespoke fittings and understanding which brands of kitchen appliances to use.

Creating smart yet functional storage to complement your kitchen.

Understanding the relationship between design and function.

Our designers approach every project with profound respect for space and lighting; they study the unique characteristics of the existing space and use their expertise to add dynamic contemporary features to elevate the space.

Our deep affiliation with symmetry is what makes a Ivar kitchen different to any other. We maintain a high level of integrity in all our designs. Here we use veneer walnut and a simple yet sophisticated lighting that adds new dimension to the room.

In this challenging kitchen space the walnut veneering adds a masculine design feature which is complemented by a contrasting colour to create a clean yet fresh finish.