Montana Brown interviewed by Notion Magazine

Reality TV means different things to different people. For some its entertainment, for others it’s an integral part of postmodern society, for Montana Brown it was her way into a more established career in TV. Finding fame on Love Island last year, Montana Brown shifted seamlessly into her role as a presenter on MTV News where she kept tabs on her fellow reality stars and favourite musicians alike on the daily. Now she’s launching her own fashion line with Pretty Little Thing. We caught up with the former presenter and aspiring fashionista for an interview and photoshoot to find out the inspiration behind her new fashion line and her plans post-Love Island.
Notion: You’ve gone from being the subject of a TV show to presenting one, what’s been the major difference?
Montana: When you’re on TV you don’t take notice of the cameras and you would never look down the lens. Whereas presenting you’re constantly looking down the lenses and trying to treat the lens as your friend so that’s definitely the biggest change.
What’s the best thing you’ve discovered about presenting?
You can literally be yourself and you have the freedom to make whatever bad jokes you please, just as long as it’s natural then it goes. I’ve had my fair share of office jobs where you have to be on your best behaviour, so it’s nice to be able to be spontaneous and fun.
Who’s your presenting icon, past or present?
I absolutely love Carol Vorderman I think she is so natural, and she’s just a really switched on lady. And of course, Ant and Dec. They are just like two best friends bantering other people it’s so entertaining.
Have you had any on-air mishaps yet? (If so, what was it?)
I just always forget I’m not allowed to wear green to set as it makes me blend into the background!
What’s your favourite story you’ve ever reported?
I absolutely loved reporting this story which was about some pilots drawing a cloud penis in the sky, it made me think to myself I’m not alone at times when I get immature.
What are your ambitions in the TV world now that you’ve got your foot in the door
I’d love to just get more practice with interviewing as that’s not something I’ve done much of. But need to nail the basics first obviously.
What would be the dream presenting job?
I would love to present Love Island in the future. That would literally be amazing!
Who would be the dream co-presenter?
Cordell Broadus? Maya Jama?Montana-Brown-Ivar
You’re staring in Matt Terry’s new music video – would you ever like to go into acting? If so, what would your dream TV role be?
I would love to go into acting, there’s a lot of things I’d love to do but baby steps is the way forward. I’d love to be in an action film, I was actually a body double in the film The Commuter with Liam Neeson that was so fun.
What were your favourite TV shows when you were growing up?
Nat Geo Wild and Animal Planet, I was such an animal nerd, still am.
What inspired your fashion collection with PrettyLittleThing? What are your favourite pieces?
Well, what’s great about PLT is that they really embraced my own fashion style and never tried to change that. I’ve always liked classic pieces, timeless dresses etc so I love all the pieces.
You’ve spoken about wanting to encourage young women and girls to feel better about their self-image – how do you incorporate this into your work on TV or even with what you post on social media?
Especially on social media, I do try and upload some stories and posts where I look a bit rough, as nobody looks good all the time. I’ve just started doing a wcw and posting random, normal girls to show a bit of girl power.
What are your opinions of social media in general? Has your opinion changed on this since you became famous?
I mean I used to love social media for leisure and now I kind of appreciate how much work goes into it when you’re in the spotlight as you’ve got to post quite often and post lots of stuff for your followers otherwise people get bored.
Photography Cleo Glover
Styling Aisha Jimoh
Hair & MakeUp Ann-Marie Lawson using Mac Cosmetics & Bobbi Brown
Fashion Assistants Iman Sheikh, Ava Donovan, Kilina Peltereau
Montana Brown is on MTV News every Monday.

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