Ivar Lines Ebony Accessory Box Luxury

Wood Lines Accessory Box Ebony Makassar

Wood Lines Accessory Box Ebony Makassar

With contemporary yet timeless design, featuring ebony makassar veneer that has been boldly animated with contrasting maple lines. The Wood Lines Ebony Makassar Accessory Box is an impressive focal point: showcasing exquisite craftsmanship, precious materials and striking under box-LED lighting to add soft illumination to any space. The tray-style soft interior is perfect to protect all of your prized accessories. Stylish and organized with your cufflinks, time pieces, cigars, jewellery or other favourite items now all in one place. An essential item for the modern man. Handcrafted in Italy, this piece is made with fine ebony makassar and maple lacquered veneer and high quality hinges.


Ebony Makassar and maple lacquered veneer, birchwood and MDF, high quality hinges, LED lighting to the under-side of the box, 12-volt transformer.


4 to 6 Weeks


Width 55 x Depth 17 x Height 8 cm